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The Story of Creation & The End of Days

2 x 30min ABC Catalyst, Australia. Prof Brian Cox explores the very beginning of the universe and its ultimate demise. ABC




What on Earth

10 x 60 min Science Channel. Series Producer/Writer. Strange features on Earth explored via satellite imagery. WagtTV


World’s Smartest Cities: Amsterdam

1 x 60 min NGCI Self shot exploration of tech entrepreneurs in Amsterdam creating new ways to explore the city. ITV Studios/Shiver


Development. Sundog Pictures




Autopsy: The Last hours of Rodney King

Autopsy: The Last hours of Maurice Gibb

2 x 60min Reelz. ITV Studios/Potato


Million Mile Light

Promotional film for Kickstarter campaign


Cleopatra’s Lost Tomb

1 x 60min Channel4 & PBS 2015. A maverick archaeologist searches for Cleopatra’s lost tomb. Dragonfly TV



Branded documentary about LukOil’s new ship lubricant ICOLube. Sundog Pictures


Development. Nerd




Development. STV


NASA’s Unexplained Files

Discovery Science 2014. Series Drama Director. Creating over 100 historical drama reconstruction scenes of space related occurrences for the 8 part series, from the 12th century to the present day. WagTV



15mins The Science Show, Radio National, Australia. How we evolved to have two sleeps


Russia’s Mystery Files [aka Monsters Behind the Iron Curtain]

2 x 60min NatGeo / 1 x 90min Animal Planet 2014. Feature length drama doc investigating creatures and occurrences from behind the Iron Curtain. Pioneer Tv



8mins The Science Show, Radio National, Australia, reporting on Famelab


A Day a Life

12 mins. Exploring the relationship between a married couple whose soldier son is deployed to Afghanistan


How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson - Glass & Light

2 x 60min PBS/BBC2. Innovations and ideas that make the modern world. Nutopia


Nuclear Fusion Reaches a Milestone

15mins The Science Show, Radio National, Australia. Reporting on laser fusion




The Mystery of Rome’s X Tombs [aka Roman Catacomb Mystery]

60min BBC2. Investigating a newly discovered ancient mass grave beneath Rome. BBC


Ancient DNA solves Riddles of Ancient Plagues

14 mins The Science Show, Radio National, Australia how ancient DNA can be used to answer centuries old questions of disease.


Junkie Love

2 mins. Poetic animation from Dudley Sutton about falling in Love in Rehab



3 x 30min BBC1. ‘Heston’s Last Testament’, ‘Men at Work’ and ‘The Were-Witch Project’


Wonders of Life: Size

60min BBC2. The physics of the biology of size. With Prof Brian Cox. BBC




Dara O’Briain’s Science Club

5 x 5min inserts. Smart Drugs, Asteroid Impacts, Pointless Pandas, Printing Jawbones, Lab Beef



3 x 30min BBC1. ‘Tenderness’, ‘The Collectors’, and ‘A lighter Note’


The Life Scientific of Edward Lear

13min The Science Show, Radio National, Australia. Celebrating 200 years since the birth of Edward Lear


The Rise of English Wine

10min The Science Show, Radio National, Australia. Looking at the rise of English fizz




City Beneath the Waves: Pavlopetri

60min BBC2 / Discovery. Archaeology of a submerged bronze age city just off the coast of Greece. With lavish data based CGI digitally bringing the city and artefacts back to life. BBC


Origins of Us: Brains

60min BBC2. The evolution of the human brain and behaviour with Dr Alice Roberts. BBC


Britain’s Secret Seas: Giants of the West & The Bustling South

2 x 60min BBC2. The wonders beneath British waters, from giant basking sharks, monster crabs and tiny seahorses with explorer Paul Rose. BBC




Help Wanted & Lonely Boy

2 x 3 min Super8 supershort dramas. A psycho Granny horror short (Straight8 competition entry), and an unsettling fairy tale about a boy wishing for a friend.


Losing the Plot

8min. Self-funded HD drama with Dudley Sutton, exploring the tensions of caring for the elderly and offspring.


Wonders of the Solar System: Dead or Alive

[Wonders of the Solar System: Empire of the Sun - India Shoot]

60min BBC2. Multi award winning exploration of the life and death of alien worlds, with Prof Brian Cox. From the lava lake of Erte Ale in Ethiopia to the Grand Canyon, and the peaks of Hawaii. BBC




Darwin’s Dangerous Idea: Life and Death

60min BBC2. How Darwin’s insight into the web of life has been ignored. With Andrew Marr, filming in Britain, Argentina and St Lucia. BBC




Horizon: Do You Know What Time is It?

60min BBC2. Award winning documentary exploring the nature of time with Prof Brian Cox. BBC



15min. Award winning self funded HD short film drama. Four writers. Four stories. One cab.


Horizon: What on Earth is Wrong with Gravity?

50min BBC2. Roadtrip across the USA with physicist Dr Brian Cox. BBC


Grandma’s Funeral

10 min. Self funded HD short film drama. A mother and her two daughters prepare for Grandma’s funeral.




Earth The Power of the Planet: Volcano

60min BBC2 & BBC HD. Award winning geological extravaganza with Dr Iain Stewart exploring the volcanic and tectonic forces that shape our planet. BBC




Horizon: The Genius Sperm Bank

50min BBC2. Drama Doc about the Repository for Germinal Choice, its millionaire founder, Robert Graham, and his plot to save the world from mediocrity by breeding intelligence. With innovative drama filming. BBC





10 min. Self funded HD short film drama about an old man searching for his treasure. Starring Dudley Sutton.


Horizon: Tsunami - Naming the Dead

50min BBC2. The untold story of the international forensic effort to identify the hundreds of remaining Tsunami victims. Actuality filming in Thailand inside field morgues, with forensic science and raw human emotion. BBC


Horizon: Titan - A Place Like Home?

50min BBC2. Award Winning nail biting film about the NASA-ESA Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn’s moon, Titan, with space CGI. BBC




Journeys from the Center of the Earth: Architecture & Beliefs

60min BBC4 & BBC2. A geological tour of the Mediterranean showing how geology has shaped western civilization, presented by Iain Stewart. BBC




Horizon: The Diamond Labs

50 min BBC2. The threat to DeBeers of manufactured gem diamonds. With CGI and dramatic reconstructions. BBC


Little Angels

30 min BBC3 & BBC1. BAFTA nominated series exploring how to improve the behaviour of difficult children. Obs-docs self shooting with concealed camera design. BBC


Body Hits - Detox & Natural Highs

2 x 30 min BBC3 & BBC1. With drama, underwater filming, multicamera. BBC


Holiday You Call the Shots

3 x 30 min BBC1. Iceland, Bangkok and Orlando. BBC




Animal Hospital




Tomorrow’s World





Presenter/Writer, BBC Radio 4, The Frog that Croaked


Presenter and Operations Manager, Kenya’s Metro East FM


Presenter, Oxygen 107.9 FM




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